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CAMA Sending Relief to Nepal

April 27, 2015

Photo credit: By Krish Dulal (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

A devastating earthquake hit the country of Nepal on Saturday, April 25. Reports of injuries, destruction to property, and increasing loss of life continue to pour in.

CAMA has approved an initial disbursement of $5000 from our Disaster Relief Fund to a partner in Nepal. In addition, CAMA is being proactive in partnering with our greater family in Nepal in order to formulate the most effective response. We are prepared to send more funding as we receive reports from Kathmandu.

CAMA has plans in motion to send a staff member with nearly 10 years prior experience in the country to Kathmandu. His fluency in the Nepali language and background in civil engineering in remote areas will be a great advantage as he assesses the situation and helps determine how CAMA can effectively be involved in the response.

We ask that you continue to lift up the people of Nepal as they face this tragedy. Pray also for the servants from various organizations who are responding to this disaster.

Any financial contributions can be directed to the CAMA Disaster Relief Fund.

Photo credit: By Krish Dulal (Own work), via Wikimedia Commons