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Transformed Lives. Restored Communities.

CAMA: Where Needed Most

Directly support our mission to see lives transformed and communities restored.


Overlooked communities in every corner of every country are vulnerable to poverty, injustice, and disasters. You can’t ignore it. Our world is broken. But there’s an answer.

The gospel can transform and restore.

Through giving to CAMA, and through the people you have sent to serve, marginalized women have found dignity through education and safe work. Small businesses and micro-economics have lifted families out of poverty. Displaced families and overlooked communities now have gospel access for the first time.

Your gift today can bring God’s compassion—the heart of the gospel—to even more communities.

There are two ways to give:

  1. You can donate above to support our mission as a whole.
  2. Or click here to meet the team and give to a specific worker. If you choose to give this way, be sure to click on their support account.

God is transforming lives. God is restoring communities.