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DR Congo Community Projects

Partnering with church-run community projects in the DRC.

Main Building at Tshela Clinic

CAMA is dedicating this project to the Alliance workers who have served in the DRC over the last 130 years. Several like John Condit, who led the first Alliance team in 1884, paid the ultimate price.

You can directly partner with the local church in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to extend God’s hope into hurting communities.

The Alliance of the DR Congo (CEAC) has the distinction of being one of the oldest and largest Alliance national churches in the world. However, civil wars and fighting over natural resources in recent decades have crippled their country’s economy. The CEAC sees and feels the community needs in their neighborhoods—and they haven’t ignored those needs.

The Congo Alliance has established 30 hospital and clinics, 4 nursing programs, 170 elementary schools, 140 high schools, and a university. To continue with their mission to see communities transformed, CEAC needs assistance in equipping several of these church-run ministries. You can help.

What will your gifts go towards?

Health Care

Provide Portable Ultrasound Machines

These units will allow CEAC maternity clinics to identify problems in early pregnancy, saving the lives of both babies and mothers. One machine costs a total of $5,000 and CAMA would like to provide up to four.

Set Up A Blood Bank

The Mount Sinaî Clinic performs over 140 surgeries per year. At present, when complications arise, staff urgently travel to other clinics in search of blood. A total of $6,000 will assist in setting up a blood bank for this clinic.


Expand Muanda Primary School

Established in 2016, this private Christian school is already at full capacity with 150 children. While local investments helped begin the expansion for a second floor, a total of $15,000 is needed to complete construction.

Equip High School Computer Labs

Computer classes at CEAC high schools are very popular but often each class only has a few computers. Your gift of $250 will allow CAMA to purchase a computer, while the school will provide the monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

Grow an ESL Outreach

An ESL program in the Kinsuka neighborhood of Kinshasa provides both English skills and exposure to the gospel for those who would normally not attend church. A total of $12,000 would add sufficient training sites to the program.


The city of Boma experiences severe flooding year after year and the poorest communities suffer the most. Recently, the government set aside land on the outskirts of the city to relocate homes located in the flood zone. The CEAC is looking to help 60 of the poorest families purchase tin roofing for their homes. The estimated need is $20,000.

Give today.

With an online gift, CAMA and the CEAC will allocate your gift to the timeliest project. To give to a specific ministry listed above, please send a check with the project listed in the memo. Check details can be found here.