Compassion and Mercy Associates

Joining Hands to Reach a Hurting World

Iraqi/Middle East Refugee Relief

Join us in a commitment to show Christ's love to refugees and the internally displaced in Iraq and the Middle East.


Watch a video below.

Under bridges, alongside busy roadways, crowded into semi-finished buildings—they have come, running from one life or death situation to what might become another. They have come on foot and by car or truck, walking many hours and traveling many miles to escape their oppressors, arriving only with what they could carry or hastily pack into their vehicles. Harassed, beaten down, and confused, these families all have a fear-filled story to tell to anyone who will listen.

Today, there are an estimated 3.3 million internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Iraq. Perhaps the greatest risk to these families is the lack of proper shelter for winter. Through initial funding provided by CAMA and an Egyptian church, a local Alliance pastor and his team have been distributing stoves, mattresses, blankets, shoes, and food packages to those who have fled to northern Iraq.

Our team is committed to doing more.

  • We will double the number of food packets provided each month.
  • We will provide funds for the local team to help better winterize tents.
  • We will support the salary for another assistant to help with distributions.
  • We will, in faith, provide resources for IDPs to grow their own food, start a small business, and educate their children.

Since 2014, your gifts have supported hundreds of monthly food packets in Iraq. Yet to expand, we need to more than double the monthly amount provided for the local team.

Will you join us in this commitment?

Through these relief efforts, pray the Word would go forth and transform lives in Iraq.

Learn more in the video below and on our blog, and see our Serve page for job openings in this field.