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Iraqi and Middle East Refugee Relief

Committing to show Christ's love to the displaced in Iraq and the Middle East.


In 2014, the Yazidi people in Iraq were brutally killed and driven out of their homeland by radical Islamic militants. Many of the women and girls were taken hostage and sold as sex slaves to soldiers.

The Yazidis, a typically closed community who limit their exposure to outsiders, fled from their homeland to the next nearest city. And in that city was an Alliance church. The pastor heard of their needs for food and supplies and mobilized the youth group to help. For three years now, because of your support, CAMA has been sending funds for food packages, renting a warehouse, and paying the salaries of two local workers who assist the pastor with distributions.

As they go from camp to camp, the pastor shares Bible stories in their local dialect. They eagerly anticipate his visits, and when he sits in the tent of the camp leaders he is addressed as “father.” Through the work of the local Iraqi Alliance church, this previously unreached people group is being loved into the Kingdom for the first time. This opportunity is unprecedented, and we are so proud to partner with our Iraqi brother and sisters.

CAMA is committed to doing more:

– We want to double the number of food packets provided each month.
– We want to provide a church administrative assistant to free up the pastor to do more visits.
– We want to help the Yazidi people prepare for winter by distributing jackets, blankets, and heaters.

Will you join us in this commitment?

The video you’re about to watch tells of the brutality Yazidi women faced at the hands of terrorists. We do not recommend the video for younger audiences.