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Jege Numan Fish Farm

Combating malnutrition and lack of economic growth in West Africa.


“Jɛgɛ Ɲuman” means “good fish” in the local language.

Jege Numan fish farm provides farmers in West Africa with tools to increase agricultural yields through innovative, sustainable farming methods. Over 80% of the population use outdated farming technology. In one of the world’s 25 poorest countries, our team aims to combat malnutrition and promote economic growth.

Currently, a method called cage farming is being tested. As a net floats on the Niger River, natural resources provide a simple, cost-effective, and productive technique to raise fish.

Yet improved farming methods alone can not fully restore individuals and communities. There must be access to the transforming power of the gospel. This is why the team places an emphasis on building relationships in surrounding communities. Due to the presence of the farm and the testimony of the staff, seekers meet weekly to study God’s Word.

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Please pray for the potential spiritual and economic impact this farm can have for nearby villages.