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Mali Projects: Fish Farming

Combating malnutrition and lack of economic growth in Mali.

Fish Farm 9

In one of the world’s poorest countries, our team aims to combat malnutrition and promote economic growth through improved farming techonology.

In Mali, over 80 percent of the population are subsistence farmers. That means they focus on growing enough food to feed themselves and their families. However, the majority of farmers use outdated technology and are often unable to grow enough food to provide for their families.

Our team introduced cage farming to a select number of farmers. As a net floats on the Niger River, natural resources provide a simple, cost-effective, and productive technique to raise fish. The technique continues to be tested with hopes that it will bring additional income to farmers.

Yet fish farming is unable to fully restore individuals and communities. There must be access to the transforming power of the gospel. This is why the team places an emphasis on building relationships and storying through the Bible in surrounding communities.

Your gifts will support the continued testing of fish farming and initiate new projects for subsistence farmers in Mali.