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Joining Hands to Reach a Hurting World

Syrian Refugee Relief

Reaching out to Syrian refugees in the Middle East and around the world.

Syrian girl

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In 2011, civil war broke out in Syria. Since that time, 4.8 million Syrians have been forced to flee their country. CAMA, in partnership with a local pastor and The Christian and Missionary Alliance, is reaching out to the over 500,000 refugees who have made their way to a certain neighboring country.

CAMA workers and the local pastor spend much time visiting refugees in their homes, a sign of respect in Arab culture. Basic food and household supplies are often delivered during visits, giving dignity by not forcing refugees to walk across town with an armful of handouts. In addition to bringing supplies for physical needs, the visitors also have opportunities to ask about personal needs and then lift up those needs. “Houses and hearts are open to us,” says the national pastor. “Nothing is accidental. The Lord is moving people from area to area for a purpose.”

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