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Syrian Refugee Relief

Reaching out to Syrian refugees in the Middle East and around the world.


CAMA has been actively engaged with a local Arab church in Jordan to bring relief to victims of the Syrian Civil War. Together, we have reached out to 100,000 Syrians who fled their homes and relocated to the city of Mafraq.

In 2011, even before Syria made our news, this local Alliance church had the vision and took the initiative to serve some of the first Syrian refugees. They provided food, mattresses, and blankets for families just arriving to their city. That work continues today, and since 2012 your gifts have provided staff and equipment to facilitate the distribution of relief to hundreds of refugee families.

Through your giving, our team also provides oversight of a six-story community center. The center is buzzing with activity as Christian volunteers on short-term teams stay in one of the 66 available beds. They interact daily with refugees taking sewing, photography, and English classes. Beyond this, your gifts continue to maintain a primary school for 160 Syrian children. If not for this school, many of these children would not have the chance to get an education.

Thank you for continuing to give hope to Syrian refugees and their families. Your gifts are making a difference.