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Woven: Safe Work for Women

Breaking the cycle of human trafficking in Southeast Asia.


Woven is a project committed to watching God rewrite narratives of hopelessness into those of redemption.

Woven is a group of projects and businesses that seeks to help women at risk of trafficking and to provide women with safe and dignified work. Headed by the Alliance in Canada and partnered with CAMA Services, Woven includes a café, a jewelry business, a hair salon training center, the beginnings of a vocational school, and safe houses for girls at risk.

Women at risk of being exploited are welcomed to live in safe houses and experience care through a range of physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual activities. Those who come into the homes stay until they feel ready to support themselves financially through safe and dignified work or until they are ready to be reconciled with their families.

Outreach teams build relationships and trust with those working in brothels and bars, and when possible the owners of the establishments. The teams also visit villages and churches to educate families on the forms of human trafficking in Southeast Asia.

Through its businesses, Woven offers personal and professional development courses and economic opportunities to people looking for safe ways to make a living to support their families and reverse generational cycles of poverty.

Your gifts will be used to support the costs of safe homes, education for girls in the program, and outreach to local villages.