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Jakarta, Indonesia: Join a Holistic Development Team

Model compassion and holistic development in urban communities.


More than half of Indonesia’s 240 million people are crowded into urban centers. For many, the dream of jobs and opportunity is lost in unemployment, poverty, and despair. The team is seeking a compassionate, justice-driven single or couple to model contextualized holistic development in Jakarta. This applicant will also train and support Indonesian counterparts—including Kemah Peduli, the new social foundation of the Gereja Kemah Injil Indonesia, The Alliance in Indonesia (GKII). The goal will be to increase vision and capacity to more effectively implement transformational community development strategies.

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

Position Type:

• CAMA worker
• Partially funded (requested to raise partial support)
• Ordination not required
• Single or couple

Required Qualifications:

• A clear conversion and call to the ministry of gospel demonstration and proclamation
• A recognized bachelor’s degree
• Education in community development and/or urban work
• Completion of Missions Perspective course
• A minimum Modern Language Aptitude Test (MLAT) score of 45 or higher
• Completion of Alliance Polity course
• Self-motivated
• Flexible/adaptable

Biblical Characteristics Desired:

• Ability to articulate personal conversion and call
• Ability to articulate the gospel to a seeker
• Demonstrated heart for the poor and marginalized
• Theological alignment with The Alliance
• Spirit-empowered
• Demonstrated flexibility and grace in all aspects of life

Preferred Qualifications:

• Degree and/or experience in development (education, health, agriculture, income generation, etc.)
• Experience in organizational development/project management
• A master’s degree in field of expertise in order to teach bachelor-level classes


• Live in a community of the majority faith in Jakarta
• Invest in the capacity building of Kemah Peduli’s leadership and board
• Develop broad, deep relationships among people of the majority population
• Develop/join a transformational community development ministry (visa sponsorship would be through this work)
• Spend 20 hours a week on language learning, enculturation, and relationship-building
• Network with the Kemah Peduli staff in implementing community development initiatives with the poor
• Teach seminars and courses on urban holistic ministry as opportunities arise
• Provide GKII workers throughout Indonesia with development resources

Timeline for deployment:

Summer 2020

General Information:

About 30 percent of the population lives below the poverty line.

CIA World Factbook—Indonesia

Work and Living Environment:

The successful applicant(s) will live in an urban center with many Western amenities. They will serve with at least one national couple and be part of a larger network of expat and national workers.

Status of Christian Witness:

The Joshua Project—Indonesia

Language Expectations:

Language is an essential part of ministry. The successful applicant(s) will receive one year of intensive language study, followed by on-the-field language and cultural acquisition studies. The goal will be to speak, read, and write the local majority language at a functional level in order to mentor, teach, and train others.

Health Considerations:

Jakarta has good health-care facilities, as do other large cities in Indonesia. Well-trained doctors and most medications are readily available. Serious health issues are usually handled in Jakarta or Singapore.

Expectations for Spouse:

Spousal roles vary based on the spouse’s gifts, training, and abilities, as well as the needs of the team. It is expected that both spouses will be meaningfully involved in meeting ministry objectives, depending on the nature of family roles, children, etc.

Children’s Educational Options:

Local private schools, international Christian schools, and homeschooling are viable options.

Compensation Package:

The successful applicant(s) will receive a full compensation package with the expectation that, once appointed, efforts will be made to raise a portion of support costs through the applicant’s network of friends and family, sending church, or other resources. Cost information will be made available upon application. Training and coaching in fund-raising are available.

Whole-Life Health:

CAMA Services is the relief and development arm of The Alliance. As part of an evangelical denomination, we are committed to modeling and reflecting biblical holism through our work. Because of this commitment, part of the required qualifications include optimal emotional, spiritual, and physical health. These will be assessed during the application process.

Important Clarification:

Applicants should be aware that serving in the international world often requires a higher degree of grace and flexibility. For example, overseas teams can be suddenly and unexpectedly impacted by illness, government decisions, financial realities, team changes, or other factors beyond the team’s control. The challenge for applicants is that these factors can sometimes necessitate the sudden redefining of a position, which may take place before, during, or after the application/interview process.

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