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Welcome Vreeland Family!

January 23, 2017

Vreeland Family

We’re excited to introduce you to our newest CAMA workers, the Vreelands.

Ben and Jessica join our Kosovo team and a small group of Christ followers in a city with high unemployment rate. Our team is bringing the hope of Christ through a small recycling business, counseling services, and occupational therapy.

The Vreelands have three children, two girls, and a boy, with another girl due in April. Ben comes from New England and Jessica from Pennsylvania. They met at Toccoa Falls College and have been married since May 2005.

Take a moment to learn more about Ben and Jessica.

What three customs or traditions in Kosovo do you enjoy the most?

1. One of the greatest cultural differences we appreciate about Kosovo is the importance of relationships. Life revolves around relationships, and we are able to have so many vital relationships with different people.

2. Kosovars are known for drinking coffee and long conversations. Not only do they drink coffee, but it is good coffee! They are known to have some of the best macchiatos in the world.

3. A traditional artistry in Kosovo is fine, hand-crafted silver jewelry called filigree. The beautiful art is passed down from generation to generation. We have enjoyed building relationships with some who practice this ancient art form.

What three ways can we pray for you?

1. Pray that the Lord would give us wisdom and discernment in His plan and purpose for our being here in this city and Kosovo.

2. Pray that we would be the light of the Lord Jesus Christ in every relationship and that we would be bold in the sharing of our faith (Ephesians 6:19).

3. Pray for our children to grow strong and healthy in the ways of the Lord.

What three ways can we pray for your community?

1. Pray that the darkness would be pushed back and that seeds of faith would be sown, especially in the places that still have no gospel witness.

2. Pray that the church would unify in the Holy Spirit and holy purpose of God.

3. Pray that believers would stand in boldness of their faith and they will grow strong in the Lord’s purpose.

Will you consider joining the Vreeland’s support team?

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