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Year-End Offering

You can help send new workers and extend gospel access in 2019.


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This year we celebrated the launch of two new CAMA projects: The Guinea Agropastoral Project (GAP) and The Bridge Community Center. GAP is building food security in poor rural areas. The Bridge in Kosovo is working to build relationships and employability in an urban community. Now, in the year ahead, we have the exciting challenge of adding more staff in both locations.

Currently, CAMA is looking to fill 14 positions in 7 locations. And we can celebrate that several new workers are ready to go in 2019 to serve in these locations. New staff will be trained and commissioned into communities for Christ’s Kingdom. Celebrate that!

As the Alliance family, let’s send those who are ready.


Your year-end gift will go to support new CAMA staff and a team of new Alliance workers heading to places with little or no access to the gospel. We invite you to share in this offering because it’s people that reflect and proclaim the message of Jesus. With more workers, more communities will have the opportunity to know Jesus Christ.

CAMA has five people ready to go, and the Alliance, as a whole, has dozens of equipped workers ready to head out in 2019. Your gift will help them go and tell of His love in Guinea, Kosovo, and the regions beyond.

To the regions beyond I must go, I must go

Where the story has never been told;

To the millions that never have heard of His love,

I must tell the sweet story of old.

– A.B. Simpson –


Share in the story.



Gifts to the year-end offering will be allocated to the CAMA Advance Fund (CAF) and the Great Commission Fund (GCF). Together, these funds fully or partially support and equip CAMA and Alliance workers who bring the hope of Christ to peoples around the world.

Visit The Alliance website for Year-End Offering promotional materials.