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Launch a new gospel presence in 12 key locations in 2020.

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Today 1 million Rohingya live in refugee camps.

Denied citizenship in every nation, the Rohingya are the world’s largest population without a country to call their own. Many of these refugees are forbidden to work and their children lack access to education. In response to this crisis, you helped send three new workers to serve the Rohingya this year. Thank you!

Bringing God’s compassion to Rohingya refugees is one new pathway your year-end gift can continue launching in 2020.

In fact, God is directing Alliance Missions to further launch a gospel presence in 12 key locations in the year ahead. Two of those locations will focus on initiating new CAMA projects to serve both the Rohingya and another transmigrant population in Asia. Your gift to the Alliance Year-End Offering makes all the difference.

Together, as an Alliance family, we have an opportunity to bring the gospel to at-risk women in North Africa, the deaf in West Africa, poor farmers in Asia, refugee populations in Atlanta, and the isolated Rohingya in Asia. Will you give a year-end gift today?

Let’s launch gospel presence in 2020.

People are yearning for hope only God can give.

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