Senegal Small Plot Irrigation

Modeling a new way of farming

A typical farmer in Senegal has a 1,000-square-yard plot that he works on all year.

These small plots can’t produce enough income to feed families, keep children in school, or pay for medicine. Many Senegalese in rural areas end up borrowing money from family, friends, and neighbors. In the end, both farmers and their community are unable to work their way out of poverty.

Through the small plot irrigation project, CAMA Senegal provides loans to farmers for drilling boreholes and installing pumps. Water is pumped into large basins in the middle of fields to be carried out with buckets. This method affords farmers more time to cultivate other areas. With good timely planting, a farmer’s income could increase by 300 percent.

Women have also started showing interest in farming. Your gift supports a group of women starting small-scale farms. A small loan covers the cost for fencing, a borehole, and water basins. Our staff will teach them how to grow crops they can harvest on a weekly basis to help to feed their families.

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