Our workers go to the hard places—for the long-term. But they can't do it without you. Each year they are asked to raise a portion of their support. If you already are a financial partner, thank you! If not, would you consider setting up a recurring monthly gift for one of our workers today? Your support and prayers are deeply appreciated—and needed!


21554 | Serving in North Africa

Stephen and Lori Albright

00573 | Serving in Guinea

Benjamin and Chelsea Anderson

18262 | Serving in Guinea

Mary Anderson

14362 | Serving in Senegal

Andre and Kate

20777 | Serving in Southeast Asia

Ben and Ashley

19184 | Serving in Southeast Asia

Isaac and Kirstie Bickford

21694 | Serving in Guinea

Scott and Deanna Blackwell

19081 | Serving in Senegal

Brian and Katie

17538 | Serving in Thailand

Carolyn D.

17680 | Serving in Southeast Asia

Timothy and Jessica Chapman

20934 | Serving in Guinea

Chris and Sarah

16028 | Serving in Southeast Asia

Mark and Sue Davis

21693 | Serving in Mexico

Seby and Jeana de Vroome

14492 | Serving in Senegal

Jon and Anja Erickson

41520 | Serving in Guinea

Amanda Gosline

20110 | Serving in the Balkans

Daniel and Katie Hackett

22072 | Serving in Mongolia

Rocky and Shaina Higgins

22062 | Serving in El Salvador

Meredith Hoffman

15945 | Serving in the Balkans

Jason and Elissa

12890 | Serving in Southeast Asia

Jason Lee and Ruth Kim

15611 | Serving in Cambodia

Josh and Rachel

17948 | Serving in the Middle East

Peter and Sarah Lee

20935 | Serving in Mongolia


20594 | Serving in Southeast Asia

Marvin and Hayley

15371 | Serving in Mongolia

Buzz and Myrna Maxey

47813 | Serving in Papua, Indonesia

Thom and Amanda McMurray

14361 | Serving in Colombia

An and Mau Nguyen

54217 | Serving in Vietnam

Faith Pyne

22079 | Serving in Nicaragua

Macie Ruble

21073 | Serving in Senegal

Samuel and Janelle

17697 | Serving in Asia


15430 | Serving in North Africa

Grant and Dakota Shaw

20965 | Serving in the Balkans

Shawn and Becky

13712 | Serving in West Africa

Sully and Natalie

20937 | Serving in Southeast Asia

Dianna Ullrich

76183 | Serving in the Balkans