GAP: Guinea Agropastoral Project

Building food security for the rural poor

Agropastoralism is a farming practice that involves both growing crops and raising livestock. Using this approach while working with poor rural farmers, Pastor Jérémie created a four-step development program:

Step 1: Improve farming methods to increase crop yield within one year.

Step 2: Add livestock and fruit trees within three years.

Step 3: Create and sustain a small business within three years.

Step 4: Begin assisting community and neighbors.

Using those steps with Jérémie’s guidance, the farmers and their families moved from barely feeding themselves to earning enough income to help others. Now, Jérémie’s dream and the vision behind GAP is to increase the number of families who can learn from these steps.

You Can Help

By giving to GAP, you will help launch four training sites that will reproduce Jérémie’s successful method of helping Guinea’s rural poor. At each site—all locations with little gospel access—local coordinators will manage microloans and provide agropastoral training.

We anticipate $100,000 will cover the funding for the initial launch of this project—this includes all microloans, salaries for the local coordinators, and a project vehicle.

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