Sumatra Social Enterprise & Leadership Development

Empowering the unreached

In an area difficult to sustain long-term gospel presence, a growing social enterprise has become an anchoring institution for Alliance work. Through the Sumatra Social Enterprise & Leadership Development project, a veteran Indonesian Alliance couple is currently serving some of the most-resistant and least-reached people in the world through business development and people development.

Utilizing innovative and locally developed processing methods, moringa plants are being crafted into quality products such as high-end cosmetic oils, teas, and soaps to provide others with opportunities for meaningful employment. As local staff members learn about what it takes to run a business, they receive leadership development while increasingly assuming ownership within the enterprise.

When you give to Sumatra Social Enterprise & Leadership Development, you support both the holistic growth of local leaders as well as social initiatives within nearby communities involving tutoring, moringa public health trainings, assistance for people with disabilities, and more. 

In a place where few can go, the gospel is transforming the lives of the marginalized daily. Will you partner with the Sumatra Social Enterprise & Leadership Development project today so that the people of this region may continue to move toward becoming all that Christ intended for them to be?

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