CAMA Services

Transformed Lives. Restored Communities.


The name “CAMA” stands for Compassion and Mercy Associates. We’re about demonstrating Christ’s compassion through relief and development that transforms lives and restores communities.

CAMA began in 1972 as an outreach to internally displaced persons in Vietnam who were fleeing to the cities from the war-ravaged countryside. When the war ended in 1975, refugees fled to camps in Thailand where CAMA provided food, clothing, medical care, job training, and a verbal witness to the truth that God’s Son died and rose again for us. Many who found Christ in the camps returned to their home countries to begin local churches which demonstrated compassion for the whole person—physical and spiritual.

The lessons learned in Indochina were soon applied among refugees in Hong Kong, Lebanon, Jordan, and Guinea as well as famine victims in Burkina Faso and Mali. CAMA built on its relief efforts by initiating development projects to enable the marginalized to rebuild their lives. We continue to serve in the same manner today.

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Forty years of Andy and Bev Bishop’s relief and development work with CAMA is recounted in the book You Never Really Know ‘Til You Get There. Their work helped move CAMA to where it is today. The book is available from GoodPlacePublishing.