It's seeing dignity soar.


Wholistic community development is about entering into overlooked places. It's looking into the eyes of the marginalized, as a friend, and empowering them to recognize the value God sees in them and their community—and seeing dignity soar.

Our team often uses the word "wholistic" as a reminder to address all facets and dimensions of poverty. Building schools and starting health programs will not heal brokenness. Yet, when the gospel is woven into every aspect of people's lives so that they see and feel it—then true restoration can take place in a community.

We like to think of wholistic development as a healthy tree.

The Fruit

Lives transformed and communities restored—eternal and lasting change

The Branches

Implementing projects alongside community members, empowering them to tackle poverty

The Trunk

Asking questions that inspire local initiative, offering full ownership from a project's start

The Roots

Listening and building relationships with the community and local leaders

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