In caring for refugees and victims of natural disasters, we respond alongside and through the local church. God strategically and uniquely places His people in communities to be His instruments of hope in times of crisis. By demonstrating and proclaiming the gospel, the local church can be a catalyst toward a community's restoration.


We seek to be collaborative.

We intentionally partner with people, churches, organizations on the ground, and Alliance national leadership in each region where we serve.

We work locally.

We go out of our way to support local ownership and local resources.

We are learners.

We commit to learning when we assess, implement, evaluate, and then revise our plans. This cycle continues until the community reaches a healthy normalcy.

We use a biblical, wholistic approach.

We weave God's redemptive truth into all that we do and seek to demonstrate His love for all people. Our work is marked by prayer and dependence upon Him.

You can help today by giving generously to the Disaster Relief Fund.
Help Rebuild Communities


In 2005, CAMA began assisting with U.S.-based disaster relief efforts in response to Hurricane Katrina. For almost two decades, we worked side-by-side with local Alliance churches under the authority of their district leadership to bring Christ’s compassion to those recovering from disasters such as Hurricane Harvey, COVID-19, the 2021 Kentucky Tornadoes, and more.

In 2022, Church Ministries of The Alliance took the lead in U.S.-based disaster response. CAMA currently supports the stateside efforts of our brothers and sisters in Church Ministries as they rally Alliance districts and local U.S. churches to be the hands and feet of Christ.

If you are part of The Alliance family and a disaster affects your community, please contact your local pastor, district superintendent, or reach out to Church Ministries directly at DisasterRelief@cmalliance.org.