"The best community development or relief project in the world will come to a grinding halt if we don’t pour our energies into people."
— A CAMA Worker in Southeast Asia


We must pour our lives into the lives of others so that the Kingdom of God can be felt by as many as possible. People development is messy and time-consuming, yet it's vital.

It's not reproducing ourselves in others or thinking we are finished products. It's about helping people move toward becoming all that Christ intended for them to be.


The Outer Layer

Working within the cultural context, we seek to develop job skills like literacy, English, agriculture, sewing, accounting, and computer technology.

The Core

Through the work of the Spirit, we demonstrate and proclaim the truth of a Creator God who loves people unconditionally.

The Middle Layer

We're intentional about discerning people's natural gifts, then helping them to develop soft skills like leadership, communication, teaching, and problem solving.

"Working in this business has helped me to know how to follow Jesus."
– small business owner in Cambodia, a local CAMA partner

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