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Community Arts Center

Changing Lives through Music Education


The Community Arts Center has been offering music education opportunities to hundreds of students in their community for the past 13 years.

Although the center is located in a creative access country, the team experiences regular opportunities to impact students and parents as they seek to build relationships through music education. Now, after 13 years, they believe it is time to look beyond the borders of the provincial capital to the rural communities of Southeast Asia.

Online Music & Art Education Project 2020-2021


The Online Music & Art Education Project will provide online music and art classes for 50 at-risk youth. Beginning this Fall, Community Arts Center will offer weekly online music lessons and monthly art classes for students living in a rural orphanage.

22These photos highlight last year’s Arts Academy, where 13 students experienced an incredible two-week arts program. This new project will focus on the same students and their classmates at the orphanage.

These students come from very difficult circumstances, and they live within a local environment where there are NO OPPORTUNITIES to study the arts.

We want to help meet this need in their lives because we are CONVINCED that the arts transform lives. Please consider how you can help support this project. 


One-Year Project Expenses

Teaching Supplies 3,000
Student Music Books & Art Supplies 1,000
Cameras/microphones 3,000
High-speed Internet (1 year) 1,000
TRAVEL (for director and art teacher) 4,000
Local Staff and Music & Art Teachers 14,000

Music in the Mountains was born out of Isaiah 55, “You shall go out with joy and be led forth with peace. The mountains and the hills will break forth into song before you and the trees of the field will clap their hands.”

Please partner with us as we seek to offer life-changing opportunities to at-risk youth living in Southeast Asia, through the vehicle of arts education.