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penny-pianoThe Community Arts Center has been offering amazing musical opportunities to hundreds of students in their community for the past 10 years.

Although the center is located in a creative access country, the team experiences regular opportunities to impact students and parents as they seek to build relationships through music education. Now, after 10 years, they believe it is time to look beyond the borders of the provincial capital to rural communities.

At first glance, the mountainous regions of the province appear inaccessible. However, the team believes that education is the vehicle to enable access into these remote communities and offer life-changing opportunities to rural, minority students.

Using the Community Arts Center as a model, the Music in the Mountains Project aims to open another center in a rural community to teach Western music and encourage students to preserve their ethnic music!

Your financial gift will enable the Community Arts Center to duplicate this sustainable model from one community to the next!

Learn more about the Community Arts Center in the video below. For more information, email