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Hands of Honor

Advocating for young female domestic workers in West Africa.

HoH_literacy class

In West Africa, hard manual labor is a part of daily life. Few homes have running water or electricity. Every morning someone must walk to the market to shop for the day. Food is cooked over a fire and clothes are washed by hand. For that reason, most people hire a domestic worker, most of whom are young girls from remote villages. They come from families living in extreme poverty who send a child to find work in the city to support the rest of the family.

Unfortunately, some of these girls are taken advantage of by their employers. These young girls, new to the city and without the supervision of their families, are at risk for STIs, HIV, and pregnancy.

Hands of Honor reaches out to these vulnerable domestic workers by providing life-skills classes that help them make wiser choices. Staff are advocates for the girls, speaking up for them in situations where they are being mistreated. Today, workers ranging in age from 15 to 19 years old are receiving life-skills training and praying and studying God’s word together.

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