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Joining Hands to Reach a Hurting World

The Bridge Community Center

Starting a new, life-giving community center in a city in Kosovo

Center 1

CAMA Kosovo desires to build bridges of Hope in their city for all people, regardless of religion or ethnicity. The Bridge Community Center will provide a space for people to come to know of their God-given value and significance.

At the center, high-caliber, low-cost programs will be offered for English as a foreign language, career development, business education, mental health counseling, and early childhood development. The center will also host other community-centered trainings and seminars.

The building will include a basement with a kitchen, two bathrooms with showers, two bedrooms for teams and interns, and a large meeting room to house a church family and community gatherings.

CAMA staff and Kosovars with the education, expertise, and passion will direct the variety of classes. As they teach and form relationships, they will have opportunities to share the story of salvation in a country with little access to the gospel.

Our team needs your help to make this project a reality. Your gifts can help:

  1. Renovate and remodel the space to fit the various classes
  2. Purchase needed furniture and equipment
  3. Hire local help and provide more jobs

Join in this life-giving project.