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Vietnamese Children’s Project

Sponsoring children's education from preschool to college.

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Serving in Vietnam since 1995, CAMA focuses on empowering disadvantaged students in rural areas. Your gifts can support students and break a cycle of poverty through:

Training Preschoolers

CAMA Vietnam provides life skills training for 1,300 students in local preschools. Topics include hygiene, personal safety, abuse prevention, and emergency preparedness. Through these programs, children gain confidence and become empowered to make good decisions in their vulnerable communities. In those same schools, activities are held that tell the Christmas and Easter stories.

Sponsoring Orphans

In Vietnam, orphans living with extended family or children from single-parent homes are often forced to drop out of school. CAMA sponsors the education of children in these family structures from first to twelfth grade. They cheer on 240 children who receive monthly rice portions, after-school training, and assistance in paying for school fees and supplies.

Aiding College Students

Students from the orphan ministry who desire to attend college can receive financial assistance for housing and one semester of tuition. The CAMA team seeks out Christian housing options for students and offers job and career training for graduates.

Caring for Caregivers

Caregivers are offered training and equipment needed to begin small businesses. The extra income helps relieve the financial burden and opens a pathway out of poverty.

Your gift gives hope and education to children and caregivers in Vietnam.