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Disaster Preparedness

By supporting CAMA, you have helped with tsunamis, floods, earthquakes, and famines throughout the world. Now you can help when tornados, hurricanes, floods, and fires occur in your own backyard.

Katrina ReliefWhile tsunamis and earthquakes produce horrific needs in Asia, tornados and floods cause widespread destruction in the United States. CAMA desires to partner with individuals and churches to address needs in the United States as well as overseas. Churches can provide facilities to conduct inter-agency meetings, emergency housing for the displaced, and a staging area where food and rest can be obtained by front line responders. CAMA can assist churches in these compassionate outreaches to their communities, but there is even more we can do to care for our neighbors in distress.

Municipality and county agencies provide training in disaster preparedness. Why not take advantage of ways to prepare to help others? Following are steps to compassionate involvement:

  1. Contact your local government and ask to be connected with the agency in charge of disaster preparedness
  2. Discover through this office how you and/or your church can be involved
  3. Determine your level of participation
  4. Start training
  5. Become effective
  6. Be our Lord’s hands in your own community

CAMA Disaster Response Resources:

Other Disaster Response Resources: