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Refugee and Immigrant Network

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CAMA is proud to partner with a new initiative within the U.S. Alliance family called RAIN, Refugee and Immigrant Network.

RAIN is a network of Alliance practitioners including churches, ministries, and districts who are committed to showing the love of Christ to our global neighbors via refugee and immigrant ministry.

The newly formed network is working to collaborate with a shared vision to reach our international neighbors and to see a significant portion of Alliance churches across the U.S. engaging with refugee and immigrant communities.

The purpose of RAIN is three-fold:

1. Welcoming

The heart of the network is to see Alliance churches welcoming our global neighbors with the love and compassion of Christ, as He has welcomed us into His Kingdom.

2. Equipping

The network focuses on equipping our Alliance churches in welcoming ministries that are useful for reaching global neighbors within their local communities.

3. Training

The network partners with academic organizations to train practitioners worldwide in ministry strategies that address the needs of traumatized refugees and immigrants, and those who serve them.

Learn more about specific Alliance ministries or how to join in. »

God is actively at work in the flow of humanity. We have an opportunity to join in.

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