Colombian Business Incubator

Encouraging small business development among the marginalized and unreached

Self- Starting

CAMA has been partnering with a local Colombian Alliance church to provide courses on entrepreneurship to those wanting to create their own small business. In addition to these classes, participants have also had the opportunity to be mentored by established professionals as they launch their enterprises. At least 21 students have graduated from the program, and seven are currently running their own ventures.

Branching Out

Over time, this project has evolved and expanded into other regions of Colombia. The Colombian Alliance decided to plant a church in a community located in one of the poorest areas of the country that has also been chronically damaged by seasonal flooding. CAMA partnered with them to not only establish the first church in that region, but to help start a community-led business incubator meant to give community members the opportunity to provide for themselves and their families.

Help Us Seed these Budding Businesses?

Would you consider partnering with us to help this project reach other parts of Colombia? Colombians will be given access to the training and support needed to take charge of their livelihoods and to combat poverty. With your help, sustainable, household-led businesses and ongoing development coaching will continue to be launched and expanded.

As we partner with the Colombian Alliance, thank you for giving others the chance to support themselves while pursuing their passions.

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