DR Congo Community Projects

Extending hope through health and education

You can partner directly with church-run ministries in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to extend God’s hope into vulnerable communities.

The Alliance of the DR Congo (CEAC) is one of the oldest and largest Alliance national churches in the world. However, civil wars and fighting over natural resources in recent decades have crippled their country’s economy.

To meet the needs in their communities, the CEAC established 30 hospitals and clinics, 4 nursing programs, 170 elementary schools, 140 high schools, and a university. You can equip several of these church-run ministries that focus on health care and education.

Promote Local Education By Equipping Elementary School Classrooms

The CEAC runs several elementary schools needing adequate classroom space and seating to meet their communities’ growing educational needs. With a gift of $35, you can provide a classroom with a desk, while a gift of $875 will cover the costs for equipping an entire classroom with 25 seats. With a $20,000 partnership, the construction of school buildings with proper walls and roofing will be made possible in other local areas experiencing educational poverty.

Equip High School Computer Labs

Computer classes at CEAC high schools are very popular but often only have a few computers. Your gift of $150 will purchase a computer. The local school provides the monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

Provide Portable Ultrasound Machines

These units will allow CEAC maternity clinics to identify problems in early pregnancy, saving the lives of both babies and mothers. One machine costs $5,000. CAMA would like to provide four units.

Set Up A Blood Bank

The addition of a blood bank at the Mount Sinaî Clinic in 2019 proved to have an enormous impact on their medical services. CAMA would like to continue to add blood banks at two other key clinics. At present, when complications arise, staff must travel to other clinics in search of blood. The total is $14,000 to set up blood banks at two clinics.

With an online gift, CAMA and the CEAC will allocate your gift to the timeliest project. To give to a specific ministry above, please send a check with the project listed in the memo.

Have a Question about This Project?

Please reach out by emailing CAMA at cama@camaservices.org.