Papua United Football Club

Discipling children and coaches in Papua, Indonesia

“Papua United is about way more than a soccer game. It’s about kids coming together—kids coming to be loved, encouraged, and accepted.” – Buzz Maxey, CAMA Staff

The Papua United Football Club’s goal is to raise up leaders of integrity. Club founders want to see young men and women transformed into citizens who can change Papua into a land that flourishes. In short, Papua United’s goal is discipleship to a Christ-like life.

Papua United currently has 90 children from 15 different ethnic tribes enrolled in the program. Learning to work together as a team breaks down the walls of tribalism. Through soccer, the players learn positive treatment of each other and respect for themselves and others.

Papua United incorporates a coaches’ training program. Coaches are taught not only soccer coaching skills, but also how to speak into the lives of young men and women and use opportunities to build character. The club leaders and coaches also teach players about the danger of alcohol abuse and HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention.

Learn more about Papua United’s outreach through soccer in the video below, and see their website at

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