San Sebastian Community Center

Providing a place to share Christ's love with an impoverished community

Will you share Christ’s love with a community experiencing deep physical and spiritual need by partnering with a local Alliance church to create a center for people seeking hope?

Roughly 30,000 people make up the impoverished community of San Sebastian El Grande, Mexico. Witchcraft is hidden yet prevalent within the community. There are adults struggling with addiction trying to find relief in alcohol and drugs, while many children roam the streets alone looking for food and opportunities to earn money for food. Several of these children do not have a birth certificate—forcing them to face additional challenges such as not being able to go to school or receive critical services such as medical care.

The San Sebastian Community Center will provide hope by enabling local believers to come alongside others in their brokenness through developing skills and building relationships. As local leaders identify additional areas of need, English as a Second Language (ESL) classes, cooking as business classes, and financial classes along with programs for legal assistance, meal assistance, homework help, karate, and more will be made available as the gospel is woven into each activity. The center will draw the community together, meet people unwilling to enter the doors of the church with Christ’s love, and create opportunities to share the message of light and hope—all while equipping and empowering those currently experiencing poverty and pain.

Will you give a gift to the San Sebastian Community Center today? Your generosity will provide the local Alliance church with a place to share Christ’s love in both word and deed with a community experiencing deep physical and spiritual need.

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