Senegal Agricultural Project

Modeling a new way of farming

For years, Africa has been experiencing a food security crisis.

80 percent of the continent participates in some form of small-scale farming, yet crop yields are well below what families need to survive. With so many West Africans engaged in agriculture, this crippling need has become a great access point for biblical outreach. Through the Senegal Agricultural Project, CAMA is hoping to help others come to know God as the master farmer—as the one who provides and equips to meet both physical and spiritual needs.

Our goal is to see lives and fields transformed for the glory of God. As we walk alongside local farmers, we will teach men and women about good management principles, how to become better stewards of what God has entrusted them with, how to farm God’s way, and—most importantly—about biblical principles that can be applied beyond the fields to all areas of life. Additionally, many local farmers cannot afford basic farming equipment. Through microloans and grants, we will help provide these men and women with items such as fencing, tools, boreholes, pumps, water reservoirs, and drip irrigation.

We believe that transformed fields produce physical “fruit” while transformed lives produce spiritual fruit, leading to communities breaking the physical and spiritual bondage of poverty. Through your partnership, CAMA will come alongside local farmers—sweating together, laboring together, overcoming challenges together, and celebrating victories with one another—all while pointing to Christ.

Will you give to the Senegal Agricultural Project today to help us meet physical and spiritual needs in West Africa?

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