As the focus in Indonesia turns towards the island of Sulawesi, we want to share an update on the ongoing recovery work in Lombok.

Beginning July 29, 2018, a series of earthquakes devastated the island leaving over 500 people dead, 396,000 people displaced, and more than 80,000 homes destroyed. Staff from CAMA and Tents of Compassion, the relief arm of the C&MA in Indonesia, arrived on the island.

They named their team Lombok United and set base in North Lombok after receiving permission and support from local leaders. They began immediately by distributing rice, noodles, dried fish, water, and tarps.

After a week of food distribution, Lombok United noticed families working to demolish their damaged homes without any proper tools. The team began supplying villagers with demolition tools like ropes, crowbars, and sledgehammers, as well as providing rebuilding tools like hammers, nails, saws, and wheelbarrows.

In the first two and a half weeks, Lombok United provided water, food, tarps, tools, medical supplies, and coloring books to 22 distribution centers. With every distribution, they consulted and debriefed village leaders. They also focused on trauma counseling and prayer for victims, as well as dedicating time each day to children and teens.

Today Lombok United is still providing safe drinking water and trauma counseling in the 22 distributions centers and villages. Just recently, in a few of these villages, an Indonesian Alliance bible school arrived to host a three-day soccer tournament with a focus on trauma recovery for children.

See more of what you’ve been a part of in this video update from Lombok.