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Hope Clinic Training

Supporting the education for future surgeons to Hope Clinic.

Dr Yaradouno in surgery2

Hope Clinic is a Christian medical surgical center in the southeastern region of Guinea. The clinic provides lifesaving, affordable care to some of the poorest in our world.

While Hope Clinic currently sees between 60-80 outpatients a day with 30-35 surgical operations a month, those numbers could increase significantly with more doctors.

Pan-African Academy of Christian Surgeons (PAACS) is a strategic response to the critical need for surgeons in Africa. They train Christian surgeons who are called to remain in Africa to care for the poor and sick.

For the next five years, Dr. Camara will be attending a PAACS surgical training site in Gabon. After receiving quality Christian surgical training, he will return to Hope Clinic to increase surgical services in Guinea. Your gift can support his education expenses over the next years.

Pray for Dr. Camara, his wife, and three daughters as they begin this new season.