Just as U.S. businesses are facing challenging times in the pandemic, so are the small ones across the developing world.

Some businesses have come to a complete halt because of lockdowns, economic decline, and restrictions on visas and travels, which prevents tourism and trade. Small ventures that CAMA helped start over the years are facing the same struggles. 

One of these social enterprises, Moringa for Health (MFH), is a registered local NGO in Cambodia. CAMA staff helped open its doors in 2008.

The NGO employs full-time and part-time staff who are involved in managing, producing, selling, and harvesting the moringa leaf. Moringa, a superfood, is packed with nutrients that strengthen the body’s immune system.  

Community Focused

With MFH’s sales coming to a near halt, along with small businesses around them shuttering their doors, they recognized people in their community were hurting.

With creative ideas, mixed with the generous hearts of partners, customers, and CAMA supporters, MFH staff have taken the crisis and turned it into an opportunity to serve.

One long-time customer provided a $600 grant to MFH, which the staff used to sell moringa leaf capsules to the elderly in their community at an 80 percent discount. Over 125 senior citizens purchased a five-dollar bottle for one dollar.

By selling the product versus giving it away, MFH could continue their regular supply chain, which includes purchasing leaves from local farmers. It also guaranteed the capsules got into the hands of people ready to invest in their health.

More To Do

At a recent Christian Mission and Dental Association (CMDA) virtual conference, CAMA heard medical professionals express concern that the economic effects of the pandemic in developing countries will result in lack of food and malnutrition. In response, MFH is preparing to start a new project to train a rural village on the value of the moringa leaf.

Since moringa grows well in Cambodia, people can grow their own trees and produce their own moringa leaf powder.  Right from the back yard, a family can plant an additional food source that is high in protein, minerals, vitamins, and can help prevent malnutrition! 

In the process of training, MFH staff will share about God’s Creation, His love and provision for all people, and the Good News of salvation through Jesus.

Thank you for praying and partnering with our local partners and small businesses during this challenging time.