Today’s post is written by CAMA staff members serving in the Balkans.

We have a dear friend who has been very sweet and has helped us greatly with our language study by meeting with us about twice a week in the morning. Recently, she had a baby and was struggling with postpartum depression.

Our staff have been connecting with a local friend who has been helping them progress in their language studies.

As we’ve met with her at 7:30 a.m., we’ve felt far from feeling “holy.” Most days, we are groggy, a little grumpy, and are doing our best to simply focus on the material. However, despite our far-from-charismatic selves, our teacher has become deeply blessed by the Spirit. In fact, the other day she shared that “teaching and spending time with the two of you has cured my postpartum depression,” and said that the “spirit of the [community center] is the best in the city.”

This continued into a spiritual conversation, which is one of many that we’ve recently had with our friend. We were shocked and honored. Often, we incorrectly think that “real” ministry will happen once we start projects and (God willing) churches. However, we’ve found that our ministry is one of presence, and the Lord is using it!