Today’s post is written by a CAMA staff member serving in Indonesia.

Walking with Tolina

Back in 2004, we started a small kindergarten and feeding program in Silimo. In the second “graduating” class was a little girl named Tolina. Years later, our lives intersected with her again as Tolina came to live in our home during her junior high and high school years. We loved her outgoing and cheerful attitude. Tolina was a quick learner and enjoyed making simple Indonesian meals, baking chocolate cake, and watering our African violets. It was a joy to “hold her hand” and disciple her throughout her teen years. During this time, I also had the privilege of leading her to the Lord and over the years saw growth in her spiritual life.  

Our staff met Tolina when she was in kindergarten and had the opportunity to walk alongside her throughout her adolescence.

Almost a year ago, Tolina graduated from university. When she heard that the kindergarten was being rebuilt in Silimo, she got in touch with us and asked, “Can I teach in the kindergarten?” When we returned to Silimo in April, Tolina was already instructing 25 small children with patience and skill. It’s been such a blessing to see the young woman she’s become and to witness the Lord moving through her. I’m grateful to have gotten to come alongside Tolina and pour into her life. I used to hold her hand, but now she is teaching and discipling young children all on her own. Nearly 18 years since we first met, today when I walk on the slippery Silimo trails I am thankful for Tolina because she often has to take my hand!

Almost two decades later, Tolina now teaches kindergarten herself.