Since January 12, 2021, unusually high rains combined with massive deforestation have led to widespread flooding in South Kalimantan, Indonesia. The flooding affected over 100,000 people with many displaced or stranded in knee-high water.

Alliance church members on their way to neighboring villages.

Undaunted by the enormity of the need, the relief and development organization of the Indonesian Alliance church leaped into gear to demonstrate the compassion of Jesus. With donations from Indonesian churches and other individuals, this small, scrappy team is purchasing food and floating from house to house to distribute help and hope to neighbors.

CAMA joined our partners and provided funding to purchase rubber rafts, food, building supplies, and tools. Our Indonesian Alliance family is paddling through newly opened doors in what has been a resistant area for over 30 years.

Pastor’s wife delivers food to a new friend.
The relief team is focused on the following plan:

Phase 1: Evacuate the elderly and sick, provide medicine and supplies for babies, distribute food packets (January 14-January 24)

Phase 2: Focus on reconstruction through the distribution of tools, building supplies, and kitchen equipment

Phase 3: Provide gardening tools and seeds for economic recovery

Phase 4: Continue to strengthen relationships