We have the privilege to introduce you to our newest CAMA workers, the Gilbert family! In today’s post, see how God has been moving Amy and her family to this moment over the past several years.

At the beginning of 2017, God placed a calling on our hearts. He made it clear to both me and my husband Michael that He was going to change the direction of our lives.

No Coincidence

It was no coincidence that I heard the story of Jesus calling Peter out of the boat several times over one week. The recurring message from Matthew 14 mixed with a keen sense that God was about to change our lives, led me to believe that we were being called into ministry.

Michael too had been experiencing a strange sense from God. But for him, the sense was one of discontentment. After taking a financial management class a couple of years earlier, he was realizing how much wealth we could build with our current financial situation. Instead of being excited about making more money, he was left with a feeling of contempt.

Michael did not share this with me until I told him what God had been showing me. At that moment, we saw God clearly leading us both into ministry. God was asking my family to replace our current life with one of devotion and dedication to serving Him in any way and any place.

Shortly after these experiences and conversations, I came across a teaching opportunity in our church bulletin. There was a need in Mali through CAMA to teach children of international workers. I showed it to Michael, and we were very excited about the opportunity.

The Future

While the door to Mali eventually closed, we began to fully pursue serving with CAMA. Today we are humbled and grateful to say our family will be serving in Senegal, West Africa. After a year in language school, the plan is to arrive in Senegal the summer of 2019. We are so excited to use our skills in technology and education to serve and reach more with the gospel of Jesus.

While there will be future challenges, we know God called Michael and me to pursue this path with all our energy and resources. It is this calling that gives us hope and confidence that our family can get through any trials that lay ahead.

Over the past decade, our family has attended Christ Community Church in Omaha, Nebraska. This Alliance church has played a key role in bringing us to this point. God has used the wonderful people of Christ Community to work in our hearts to lay down our earthly dreams. It was through our church that we were first introduced to CAMA, and we are now excited to represent them as development workers.

We would appreciate a covering of prayer in this coming transition. Please pray that we would acclimate quickly to a new culture, that we would quickly absorb the language, and that we would quickly receive the last 40 percent to be fully funded to serve Him.

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