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Welcome to the Team, Gilberts!

May 4, 2018 |

We have the privilege to introduce you to our newest CAMA workers, the Gilbert family.

A Boy and His Fifty Dollars

May 8, 2017 |

This post is written by Heather Smith. Heather serves on the CAMA Board and lives in Lewiston, Idaho, where her husband Paul serves as the Lead Pastor of CrossPoint Alliance Church. They have two children; a daughter, Elliott, 12 and a son, Quinn, 10. When our children’s pastor settled on CAMA’s small plot irrigation project […]

A Gratitude for Voice

November 21, 2016 |

Today’s post is written by Shelly Crouch. She and her husband served in Eastern Europe with The Alliance for 19 years. She recently completed her Master of Arts in Global Development and Social Justice at St. John’s University. Thanksgiving is here—a season I wait each year to embrace. I am drawn to the opportunity to […]

Her Future Changed

September 26, 2016 |

Today’s post is written by An Nguyen, a CAMA worker in Vietnam.  Since 1995, CAMA Vietnam has focused on transformational community development. This includes sponsoring disadvantaged children and orphans as they pursue their schooling through high school. The project currently supports 200 children. Yen Nguyen is one of them. Yen Nguyen was born July 21, 1997 into […]

Before, I Was Afraid of Death

July 11, 2016 |

Today’s post is written by Kate Manske. For the past three years, she has served as a nurse in Cambodia with CAMA. The testimony of SraiGaew is amazing. It’s a story of great pain, a story of transformation and miracle, and a story that points to Jesus. The story begins about two years ago. At […]