Record rainfall caused the worst flooding in Bosnia in 120 years in May 2014. Countless landslides occurred as a result of the floods, affecting thousands of people’s homes and crops.

CAMA facilitated the Tuzla Evangelical Church’s outreach to those affected by floods in their community (read about their initial efforts here, here, and here).

Now, “Winter is approaching. People are very worried, scared, and distressed,” says Nives, a worker at the church.

The church is looking for ways to help people have a safe place to stay before winter begins. This has meant helping people repair walls, floors, and roofs. It has also included helping people find land and rebuild in safer areas.

New Roof Family cropped
This family is grateful for their new roof.

One family’s roof was completely destroyed by landslides and subsequent electrical fires. The family is quite poor and has five children, one of whom is diabetic. The church facilitated a complete rebuilding of their roof. “The family was shocked with such help and are very grateful,” says Nives.

The church also sends their gratitude: “We have bought a new furnace! Thank you all who participated with their donations and helped us to have a new heating system in our church building! That is a great blessing for us. Love to all who prayed and gave in the name of our Lord. Thank you again, and thank you dear Lord!”

Please continue to pray for those affected by floods in Bosnia.

CAMA supported flood response efforts through the Disaster Relief Fund, which provides immediate relief for disasters around the world.