Record rainfall triggered the worst flooding in Bosnia in 120 years last May. “Three months’ worth of rain fell in three days,” said an Alliance international team member in Bosnia. “It is estimated that 10,000 families lost their homes.”

Clean up from the floods is an ongoing effort. Heavy rains at the beginning of August caused many areas to flood a second time. Those who had made progress on cleaning up and getting their lives back in order must now face the mud again.

CAMA and the Alliance family have stepped in to help. Through your gifts to the Disaster Relief Fund, CAMA was able to facilitate the Alliance church in Tuzla, Bosnia to reach out to their hurting community.

Pastor Zoran
Pastor Zoran

Pastor Zoran and his crew from the church in Tuzla are helping their community by providing survivors with basic necessities, such as food to help those whose crops were destroyed feed their families until the next harvest season. The church in the town of Zenica is distributing children’s packages. A third church has found an opportunity to begin work in an area unreached by the gospel. Pray that these churches will have occasions to share the good news.

CAMA funds, along with money from other sources, have been used to refurbish a school. Workers from the community volunteered their labor to install new windows, doors, flooring, tile, and furniture. As a result of this, all 700 residents of the village have heard about the Alliance church and doors are open for future relationships.

CAMA Kosovo worker Lisa Ramsey, a licensed counselor, traveled to Sarajevo and Zenica to present a seminar on “Self-Care for Volunteers” during a disaster. Other workers have now used Ramsey’s material to present the seminar to disaster responders in the town of Varesh, and three other towns are asking for the seminar.

Please continue to pray for Bosnians who are struggling to rebuild their lives after these devastating floods. Pray that churches and believing volunteers would have opportunities to communicate the hope that they have in Jesus. Pray that God would use this disaster to bring many to a saving knowledge of Himself.

The CAMA Disaster Relief Fund provides immediate relief for disasters around the world. Support the Disaster Relief Fund, or read about other CAMA disaster responses here and here.