Update 1/15/2015: The Albrights returned to Conakry on January 14, 2015. Please continue to pray for them and the Guinean national church as they work together to raise awareness of Ebola.

The goal of effective relief work is to meet people’s basic needs in times of calamity while offering compassionate care and hope for the future. To do this, we need to be present during the time of need.

In light of this, Stephen and Lori Albright will return to Conakry, Guinea this month after their strategic withdrawal last October. The Albrights will lead the US Alliance family’s response to the Ebola epidemic by working with the national church to provide prevention and awareness training. They will also lay the groundwork for other Alliance workers to return to Guinea in the future.

In addition, potential food shortages are anticipated as a secondary effect of the Ebola crisis. By having staff on the ground, CAMA will be prepared to respond effectively to these needs as they arise.

“We are confident that this is where God wants us at this time and we are not fearful to return,” says Stephen. “At the same time, we recognize that living in a country with Ebola does come with some risks. We really appreciate your prayers for us as we return.”

CAMA Zending, the mission arm of The Alliance in the Netherlands, has allowed three of its workers to return to southern Guinea. One aspect of these workers’ roles involves Ebola prevention and awareness training in that area.

“CAMA is the relief and development branch of The Alliance. Providing relief in times of disaster, like the current Ebola crisis, always means an element of risk,” says Robin Dirks, CAMA’s Vice President and Regional Consultant for Africa. “But it’s during these times that we are able to show Christ-centered compassion in a very tangible way and share the gospel with those who may not otherwise hear.”

Please join us in praying for these workers as they return to partner with the Guinean national church in preventing the spread of Ebola. Please also continue to pray that doors will open for other international workers to return to Guinea soon.