Today’s post is written by a CAMA staff member serving in Senegal.

A Strange Dream

The other day as I was visiting my friend, Tapha*, in the slums, I asked him how he was doing. He said, “I’m scared!! The world is falling apart.”

He then proceeded to tell me about a recurring dream that he’s been having for a while. He said, “In my dream, the world is on fire and things are really bad. I’m terrified, but suddenly, a man grabs my left arm and pulls me up three levels above the world and tells me to stay put. The man then tells me that I am safe and that I can rest now.” 

Our staff had the opportunity to delve into a deeper conversation with Tapha about his dream and speak truth into his life.

Leaning In

This led to a great discussion as to who his savior was in the dream. I told Tapha that God must be saying something to him, and that he needed to ask God to tell him who this savior was. I was able to share that many other people have dreams like this, and that we often see that the unknown man is Jesus drawing us to Himself. I can’t wait to reconnect with Tapha again and to keep this discussion going. Will you please pray that God will open Tapha’s eyes so that he may see the truth?

*Name changed