Update from March 27, 2024.

Today’s post is written by Stephen Albright, a CAMA staff member serving in Guinea.

Will you continue to pray for the people of Conakry?

Over three months since the explosion, Guinea continues to be very fragile. The lack of fuel has affected so many aspects of life. Power has been cut nearly 10 hours a day. Internet has been very intermittent. Crime is on the rise. All these things contribute to a potentially volatile situation. 

Because of your generosity, we were able to partner with two local Alliance churches as well as with Envision to provide help to several people whose lives were devastated by the fire.

In the aftermath of the explosion, a committee of local leaders researched and identified needs that had not yet been met. After determining how to best come alongside those recovering, they were able to provide:

  • Medicine and cleaning products to improve the care of victims of the fire
  • Bundles of clothing and blankets for both children and adults
  • Large cartons of soap and other hygiene products 
  • Thousands of face masks for protection from the smoke and fumes of ongoing fires

The committee was also able to set up a counseling team to help those struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after the explosion and to come alongside those grieving the loss of family members.

Thank YOU for extending the hands and feet of Christ to the hurting. We are encouraged by the leadership and vision of this team. Please pray that the church will continue to have ownership and development in their response to these types of needs—that reaching out to hurting and traumatized would be further solidified within their walk of living out Christ’s love. Please also pray for peace and stability in Guinea.

Update from December 21, 2023

Will you pray with us for the people of Conakry?

Early Monday morning, the main oil terminal in Conakry—which supplies fuel to the entirety of Guinea—exploded. As of today, reports indicate that 18 people have died and over 200 have been injured. Local hospitals have been flooded with those suffering from injuries caused by the blast. Destroyed homes, the fear of additional explosions, and the risk of remaining in damaged buildings has led thousands of households to become displaced.

According to CAMA staff members on the ground, almost all the country’s fuel was destroyed, and gas stations across the country have been shut down indefinitely. This is expected to have a harsh cascade effect on daily life in Guinea. Schools have been closed, and all workers—except for medical and security personnel—have been encouraged to stay home. Alerts have also been sent out about upcoming electrical shortages.

CAMA staff members Timothy and Jessica Chapman said, “While we were able to get to the nearest market town this morning to stock up on supplies before prices began to skyrocket, most of our friends and neighbors live day-to-day for their food needs and have no backup stores or resources.”

Longtime CAMA staff members Stephen and Lori Albright said, “Often in situations like this, unrest breaks out. Please pray for Guinea. Pray for wisdom as to how CAMA might be able to help.”

CAMA has already committed to work alongside the local church to provide food, clothing, blankets, and counseling to those who are in need. Will you join us in praying for those who have lost both loved ones and homes, and who now must face the harsh reality of having limited access to necessities in the days ahead? Pray against hunger and against homelessness. Pray that the Lord would bring healing to those suffering from physical injuries, trauma, and shock. Most of all, please pray that the Lord would empower His people to love well in the days to come as they extend His compassion to the hopeless, suffering, and broken.