Today’s post is written by a CAMA worker serving in Asia.

Although an earthquake in this mountainous region made headlines over three years ago, the rebuilding and rehabilitation of buildings and lives have faithfully continued with little fanfare.

Three Years of Partnership

Thanks to your generosity, CAMA touched thousands of lives by joining hands with like-minded partners. Our partners on the ground spent countless hours over the past three years trekking needed supplies into vulnerable villages.

In May 2018, CAMA concluded our earthquake relief efforts. With the help of your gifts, our final project included rebuilding 14 homes for widows and disabled residents in one remote village. What a picture of what God’s Word calls us to do: remember the widow, orphan, and marginalized.


Our relief efforts finished the same way they started—in partnership with others. This allowed us to multiply our reach geographically, provide access to overlooked villages, and use your gifts to distribute more aid. And to the many who received aid, it gave opportunities to share both material needs and the message of true hope in local languages.

A Look Back

Lives were changed, and in some cases, literally rescued, because you gave! I would like to share some statistics from the past three years that I trust will encourage you. Together we:

– Partnered with at least 12 different organizations, many of them local, to effectively steward approximately $250K of CAMA earthquake relief funds. A huge thank you to our primary disaster relief organizational partner in Asia.

– Stretched 70 percent of CAMA funds by sharing project costs with our Canadian partner organization. Thank you, Canadians!

– Helped at least 17,400 individuals with immediate relief needs including food, tarps, and medical aid.

– Helped 1,263 families rebuild their homes and/or provided materials like zinc roofing.

– Helped distribute winter clothing and/or school supplies to 1,785 children.

– Worked with a strategic partner to start education extension classes.

– Provided funds to assist in renovating four schools.

– Helped build four community centers.

– Contributed over $4K worth of fruit trees helping villagers with food security and soil erosion.

Thank You

Words from one earthquake survivor provide a fitting conclusion: “When there was no shelter to hide our heads in the cold rain and wind and no food to eat for our family, you provided the tent for shelter over our head and food. We would like to take this opportunity to respect all those donors who joined their beautiful hands together to help us in this desperate time.”

Thank you again for however small or large a role you played over the past three years!