A second earthquake rocked Nepal on Tuesday morning. The 7.3-magnitude quake has killed dozens and injured more than a thousand people. The Nepali people need our prayers at this time.

CAMA began its relief response in Nepal by sending a staff person to assess the situation, distribute initial food supplies, and formulate a greater response plan. We are continuing to extend compassion and aid to Nepal through local partners.

CAMA leadership has released an additional $30,000 to Nepal from the CAMA Nepal Disaster Fund. Combined with funds from the Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA) in Canada, these monies will be used to send relief to selected villages that have been cut off from other aid as a result of the damage caused to roads by these two earthquakes. CAMA is prepared to release additional funds as the project progresses.

This aid from CAMA and C&MA Canada will provide the resources to send tents, clothing, blankets, dry foods, and medicine by helicopter to these isolated villages. A partner from the Alliance World Fellowship (AWF), stationed in Kathmandu, will oversee distribution and logistics. As with other disasters, CAMA is working intentionally with our Alliance family partners.

A second phase of this response that is under consideration will focus on rebuilding homes in these remote villages. This phase will be developed as we receive information at a later date.

Please continue to pray for the people of Nepal. Pray that their immediate needs would be met, that their physical and emotional wounds would be healed, and that they would find God’s light in this dark time.