Since the trainings began in mid-June, Eau de la Vie staff have visited 2,585 families in remote villages throughout three prefectures. Staff go door to door through the villages with instructions and answers to questions. The training team sent the following word:

Ebola vehicle
Dedicating the new vehicle to God’s work

We cannot send this message without recognizing our God, who has permitted us to accomplish all of these things. We want to say thank you to our many partners who provide the funds to allow these projects to become realities, including obtaining this vehicle to further our work. After the presentation of the Land Cruiser, the members of the administrative council prayed and committed this vehicle to God for the work. The members of the administrative council thank you for your material and spiritual support.

The trainers have been well received in most villages, and gifts of soap and chlorine have been eagerly accepted. Some villages, however, have not allowed trainers to enter due to fear of the virus. Red Cross workers in one town were attacked by people who did not believe that Ebola exists.

A common problem encountered during the training sessions is that many Guineans have been deceived by rumors about how the virus is spread. When Eau de la Vie staff asked if they could explain to this elderly widow how to protect herself and her grandchildren, she showed her fears: “I heard a rumor that this illness is political, and that the virus is in the bottles of chlorine that you are distributing.”

Ebola training 3
Explaining Ebola

Thankfully, the trainer was able to clearly explain the realities of Ebola and the best ways to prevent the disease, and the woman accepted the soap and chlorine.

Every morning, Hope Clinic staff gather for prayer. They then receive training on how to protect themselves against Ebola, both at home and while working at Hope. Staff have been trained on appropriate attire, methods of hygiene, and the importance of wearing gloves. The clinic is finishing up some final safety precautions so that they can reopen and begin seeing patients without staff being exposed to Ebola.

Eau de la Vie asks for prayer for the following points:

  • Pray that God would remove Ebola from Africa.
  • Pray that the Guinean people will realize that Ebola exists.
  • Pray for the awareness training team—for the wisdom and intelligence to complete this difficult work.
  • Pray that public health officials would make wise decisions.
  • Pray for Hope Medical Center to know how to provide care in this difficult time.

Thank you for praying for those in the midst of the Ebola epidemic.