Hope Clinic and Eau de la Vie, its administering organization, continue to fight against the spread of the Ebola epidemic in southern Guinea. The Ebola Awareness Training team is now holding training sessions five days a week, both in town and in remote villages.

Below is a letter CAMA received from the Director of Administration and Finance at Hope Clinic:

Thank you for your prayers. We “took the bull by the horns” and identified our protective equipment needs for the rest of the year. Most of what we’ll need is available, but only in Conakry [the capital city, located a two-day drive from Hope Clinic].

At the same time, we launched construction of the triage area that is essential in this struggle [against Ebola]. As these steps have not been completed, we’ve decided to extend the temporary closure of Hope Clinic by two weeks. We want this and the protective equipment largely in place before we resume clinic services.

The added two weeks will also allow for training. On Wednesday, the Medical Director and two others from the clinic workers began an Ebola prevention training session at the N’Zérékoré Regional Hospital. The training was organized by Médecins Sans Frontière (Doctors without Borders). On Thursday all of the clinic staff benefitted from a video shown and the exchange of ideas through the question and answer session. All staff are also involved in cleaning and disinfecting Hope’s facilities.

The encouraging thing in this situation is the fact that there are entire churches, and servants of God, who are interceding on our behalf at the Throne of Grace. Thank you, our generous donors, for your prayers as well as moral and financial support.

Through your generosity, CAMA has sent a total of $29,000 to support Hope Clinic’s Ebola awareness program to date. Due to Hope’s desire to reach remote villages and the difficulty in obtaining equipment and supplies, the costs for this program are high. If you are interested in joining in this effort, you can do so through the Ebola Crisis Fund.

Please continue to pray for the health and safety of Hope Clinic staff and the people of Guinea, Libera, and Sierra Leone.