Due to Hurricane Michael, more than a dozen Alliance families have suffered severe damage or total loss of their homes in Panama City, Florida and surrounding areas.

Along with these homes two Alliance church buildings are damaged, as are the homes of their pastors.

“These people are part of our Alliance Southern District family,” district superintendent Phil Hagar says. “And there are thousands upon thousands with similar stories that have been affected by this tragedy in the same way.”

There is no power, no running water, and some residents are being told it could be more than a month before either are restored. The devastation is massive. Phil Lohmeyer, CAMA’s disaster coordinator representative, visited Panama City with Phil Hagar and local pastors to assess the damage and establish a disaster response plan.

“This is by far one of the worst disasters I have seen in some time. They will need a lot of assistance and this will be a long-term recovery process,” Phil Lohmeyer says.

Compelled by Christ’s compassion, The Alliance Southern District sent the entire balance of their disaster funds last year to our Alliance family in Puerto Rico. Now in their moment of crisis, they are seeing God provide through families and churches gathering to pray and sending needed supplies.

Financial assistance will be their greatest need in the months ahead as they work to help families rebuild. With your donation today, we can help restore the Panama City area and help other Alliance churches in the Floridan Panhandle serve their communities.

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